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Trailer Review: A deeply felt search for ‘Daana Paani’

It is both a recapitulated and a real statement that with every passing week, the year 2018 puts in front of us a contrasting concept as far as the Punjabi film industry is concerned. The latest project to join the list is Tarnvir Singh Jagpal’s ‘Daana Paani’. Announced last year, the movie is all set to release on May 4. The movie is one of those few Punjabi movies which will be released without a delay, which speaks highly about the managerial part of the movie.

Having co-directed ‘Rabb Da Radio’ last year, this will be the second directorial venture for Tarnvir Singh Jagpal. It is evident from the trailer that the subtle and dulcifying Daana Paani will have idiosyncrasies of seriousness which will leave sombre thoughts in the minds of the viewers. The highbrow nature of the movie has already given us expectations of receiving a strong message from it.

In Jimmy Sheirgill and Simi Chahal, the movie stars a never-seen-before lead pair. Having played the role of an army official in Gurbir Singh Grewal’s ‘Mannat’ (2006), the ingenious actor in Jimmy Sheirgill has once again donned the army uniform in the Punjabi industry. That being said, the content of both the movies appears to be far apart from each other. Having made an affluent start in her film career, people are expected to look up to Simi Chahal for she has set a certain level for herself with all her work till date. Apart from this pair, Gurpreet Ghuggi and Nirmal Rishi are also playing pivotal roles in the movie.

Something which might cause disquiet to the Punjabi audience is the fact that two movies based on army have released in the recent times. At times, people don’t like watching the same concept within a span of a month. That being said, Daana Paani appears to portray the life of an army official outside of his work and duty. Therefore, not referencing to any war in the past as was the case in the movies which have released recently.

Another reason for the viewers to watch this film is that it has been written by Jas Grewal, a name of prominence in the Punjabi movie industry. Having written several acclaimed films in the past, one can have in prospect another soulful story by him. Harbhajan Maan, Manmohan Waris, Amrinder Gill, Tarsem Jassar, Shipra Goyal and Prabh Gill have lent their voices to the songs of the movie. Distinguished names such as these in addition to the music of Jaidev Kumar and the lyrics of Veet Baljit is all in likeliness to make this movie a successful musical hit as well.

Watch the trailer below and tell us what you feel about the same in the comments section:

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