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Trailer Review: ‘Saggi Phull’

Shivtar Shiv’s ‘Saggi Phull’ is all set to ring up the curtain on in the Punjabi film industry as far as the year 2018 is concerned. Term it as a mere positive start for the whole industry or call it auspicious, the Punjabi film fraternity would want the movie to do well at least for the sake of a start in the affirmative this year.

The movie is ready for its release and will hit the cinema halls on the 19th of this month (19/01/2018). The trailer of the movie was released a week ago on the official YouTube channel of Lokdhun Punjabi. At the time of writing this article, it has received in excess of half a million views on the same platform.

The film stars Shivendra Mahal, Neetu Pandher, Amritpal Chhotu, Ravinder Pawar, Amitoz Shergill, Dilawar Sidhu, Navdeep Kalar, Balwinder Bego, Gurpreet Kaur Bhangu, Sukhi Bal, Simranpreet, Raj Dhariwal and others.

The movie is titled on the traditional ornament of Punjab, Saggi Phull. The trailer of the movie is devoid of conviction and has it in it to not bind the audiences for even three minutes and seven seconds. It seems as if lack of certainty was at the helm when the trailer was being made. It might be too early to say anything, but the prospects of the movie do not appear too bright.

Actor Amitoz Shergill is also producing the movie under the banner of Legend Motion Pictures. The worldwide distributor of the is Omjee Group. Naresh S Garg has edited the movie. The movie’s first song named ‘Mela’, sung by renowned Punjabi singer, Ninja, sounds commonplace and lacklustre.

Till the time we provide you with more information regarding the movie, watch the trailer below and tell us about your views on the same in the comments section:

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