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Trailer review: ‘Sajjan Singh Rangroot’ is a first-of-its-kind

The trailer of one of the most look forwarded to Punjabi movies of the year, ‘Sajjan Singh Rangroot’, has released today. The movie is the ninth directorial venture of prominent Punjabi film-maker, Pankaj Batra. The trailer of the movie has released on the official YouTube channel of Speed Records amidst excessive inquisitiveness. At the time of writing this article, it has received in vicinity of half a million views on the same platform.

The movie revolves around the time of World War I. It lays emphasis on the onerous manner in which the Lahore Regiment of the Indian British Army fought against the German forces during the war. The first thing which comes to one’s mind after watching the trailer is that Sajjan Singh Rangroot is a first of-its-kind movie in the Punjabi industry. A concept as different as this one has never been made in the Punjabi cinema. It is too early to say anything, but the trailer is a corroboration of the fact that this project is worth taking the risk.

Another splendid facet of three minutes and four seconds of the trailer is that this movie has it in it to be a visual treat for the audiences.

Diljit Dosanjh, one of the most trending actors across the nation at the moment, is playing the lead role in the movie. A leading name in the field of female vocalists in the Punjabi music industry, Sunanda Sharma, is making her debut as an actress in this movie. In what appears to be an ideal name for the role of Subedar Sahib, the legendary Yograj Singh looks breathtaking in the trailer. In Jagjeet Sandhu and Dheeraj Kumar, this movie stars two names who have impressed one and all in their respective movies in the recent times.

One thing which might have backfired for the overall cause of the movie is the unrestricted posting of the looks of the cast on social media. Thus, reducing or almost minimising the surprise element. In this modern age of social media, the soi-disant tech-savvy actors have a tendency to post everything online in the name of promoting the movie. The intention is not at all false, but, at times, it condenses the sheen of the wonder segment in the trailer.

Agreed that someone of Dosanjh’s importance can no more be kept as a hidden factor. But perhaps, the mien of Sharma or Yograj Singh could have been saved for the trailer for it would have, without a doubt, created a lot of craze among their fans and other audience.

The movie is slated to release on March 23, a month after the release of Dosanjh’s third Hindi movie, ‘Welcome to New York’. If you haven’t watched the trailer as yet, watch it below and tell us what you feel regarding the same in the comments section:

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