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Trailer Review: These ‘Kurmayian’ might not happen

After an interesting first eight months for the Punjabi film industry this year, the trailer of the first movie which is set to be released in the month of September has been made public. The movie being talked about is ‘Kurmayian’ and will hit the big screens on September 14. The trailer of the movie was released yesterday on the official YouTube channel of Lokdhun Punjabi. At the time of writing this article, it has received over two million views on the same platform.

In which is an interesting selection, the movie will mark the comeback of Harjit Harman in movies after six years. For a singer who hasn’t released many songs in the recent past, the movie is likely to come in as a refreshing change for his fans. Not only him, the movie will also mark the comeback of Japji Khaira on-screen after four years. Apart from them, the movie also stars Gurmeet Saajan, Anita Devgan, Nirmal Rishi, Harby Sangha and others.

Kurmayian will share the directorial credits as it will witness the directorial debut of Manjit Tony and Gurmeet Saajan. The former has also written its script. It was evident from the title of the movie that it would revolve around the concept of marriage. The trailer confirms the same. The movie might witness a cameo appearance from Veet Baljit as a twist in the love story.

The feeble trailer of the movie makes one feel at odds with it. It is true that predicting the future of a movie from a time when its trailer releases is too early to say anything. But then, there are some movies, or for that matter, some trailers, which let you down to the extent that thinking positively about the movie no longer remains an option. Kurmayian somewhere revolves around this category.

Firstly, the trailer portrays that movie is contains numerous laughter punches which won’t make you laugh. Both the punches and the forced background music to create an impact does not add anything worth-watching. Secondly, Harman’s presence doesn’t promise too much in the trailer. For a singer-turned-actor to sing another background singer’s song in a movie doesn’t sound like a great idea. Harman doing the same confirms it in the trailer. Moreover, what kind of a trailer doesn’t comprise a single dialogue from its lead actress?

If you haven’t watched the trailer of the movie as yet, watch it below and tell us what you feel about the same in the comments section:

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