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Want people to be aware about our history and culture: Satnam Chana

With a mere three days left for its release, Jassi Chana’s ‘Guru Da Banda’ has started to make rounds among the audiences of the Punjabi film industry. The trailer of the movie was released three weeks ago on the official YouTube channel of Lokdhun Punjabi. At the time of writing this article, it has received close to 3.5 million views on the same platform.

Going by the trailer response of the viewers, the movie is expected to receive a box-office opening in the affirmative and be incorporated into the list of successful animated Punjabi movies. Animation has become a go-to method for film makers to give away notable religious lessons from the history, something that this movie tends to deliver as well.

Satnam Chana, who has worked on research, screenplay, script and dialogue in the movie, spoke to Punjabi Mania about his maiden project. On being asked about the primary idea behind coming up with this project, he replied, “It is said that people who are unaware about their history or past can’t even recognize themselves in this world. Knowing your past helps communities to build a better future. So, the most primary idea was to make people aware about their history and culture.”

A script of a religious movie can’t afford to travel a wayward path for it might a few people down. Talking about the research which went behind Guru Da Banda, Chana was quoted, “Writing the script of this movie wasn’t easy. We’ve been working on it from the last three years. The first task was to collect all the information regarding Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. What followed was even hard as we had to verify each and everything several times in order to be sure that nothing is made-up.

“There are instances when a story or two might not fall in the context of the Gurbani or might defy logic. We made sure that we only show the proven sequences on-screen. Moreover, a movie has its own grammar. There is no point in making a movie which is boring. So, the audiences interest has to be also kept in mind, which was the final step in scripting. Hence, working sincerely on the script was what aided us to reach this platform.”

The quality of animation plays a major role in an animated movie for it has it in it to make or break a movie. Speaking on the technical front of the movie, he said, “The technical part of making this movie has been solely carried out by us. We have our own animation and sound studio (Pritam Film Production) in Jalandhar where around 40 people work on a regular basis. They have worked really hard on the movie. Barring the songs sung by Daler Mehndi, all the music and dubbing of the movie has been done here only.”

What is also likely to work for this movie is its distributor. Being distributed worldwide by Omjee Group, one can be assured of the fact that the movie will cater to a worldwide audience, something that might contribute to the box-office collection of the movie. On being associated with a renowned name like Omjee Group, Chana said, “Since, they are also based in Jalandhar, we were introduced to them by a mutual friend. This happened a long while ago. They liked our idea and found the whole process very impressive. They came on board and now the film in releasing worldwide which is a great news for us.”

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