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Who is a better actor: Diljit Dosanjh vs Gippy Grewal

After the hilarious success of Jihne Mera Dil Luteya, Gippy Grewal and Diljit Dosanjh are back, but this time as competitors. Diljit made a good name whit his starer film, Jatt and Juliet, whereas Gippy Grewal on the other hand is getting much needed appreciation from Carry on Jatta.



We compare the two big names of the Punjabi film industry on the basis of their acting in these films:




Diljit Dosanjh

  • His acting was awesome in Jatt and Juliet. Fateh Singh, the character he played in the movie, looked natural through out.
  • He was better off with his dialogues.
  • He was fluent in dialogue delivery.

Gippy Grewal

  •  Gippy Grewal has done much better than what he did in Mirza, in terms of acting.
  •  He was good in comic situations in the movie.
  •  The audience can expect some more fluency from him in the dialogue delivery.
Acting has always been a problem for Gippy Grewal but he has tackled well with it. hough a little reluctance was seen in his acting. but as the count of movies under his belt have increased, he has improvised himself and had tried to come out as a better actor. Punjabi Mania observed Gippy was good for comic situations but emotional scenes don’t gel well with his face.

Whereas Diljit has come out as a far better actor. He was amazing in Jatt and Juliet. His timing was unmatchable especially in humorous scenes. Things doesn’t end here, further he has great command over emotional scenes, which make him a complete actor.


To chose one better actor from these two was an easy task for Punjabimania.com. Clearly Diljit had a leading edge over Gippy Grewal. Though the count of movies done by Gippy is higher than Diljit, but the latter has outshined Gippy Grewal. Punjabimania feels Diljit Dosanjh has done a better job in Jatt and Juliet than Gippy Grewal in Carry on Jatta.

Diljit is certainly the new face of Punjabi Film Industry who has potential to do big. His confidence level is amazing. Punjabi Mania wishes him good luck for the road ahead.

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    he has very good voice, good personality , he is smart , and also a very good actor , n i think he is beter than gippy in the case of acting and voice toooooooo …………………………

  5. diljit forever 🙂
    he has very good voice, good personality , he is smart , and also a very good actor , n i think he is beter than gippy in the case of acting and voice toooooooo

  6. Agree with u man, Diljit has a clear pronunciation of words than gippy. In fact gippy dips with some words even as a singer.

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