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Amrinder ‘Glorious’ Gill!

For more than a decade and a half, the Punjabi audience has been accustomed to a soothing voice, a voice that has delivered hit songs in an unswerving manner, a voice that has experimented with genres with the same success, a voice which has entertained one and all from ‘Apni Jaan Ke’ to ‘Sukh Da Saah’, a voice of Amrinder Gill!

Over the years, the soothing voice has turned into an a charming personality, an admirable actor. Gill made ‘The Big Shift’ from singing to acting in 2009 with Manmohan Singh’s ‘Munde U.K. De’. The role of ‘Jasjot Gill’ indicated signs that there was much more to Gill than just singing.

In this modern contemporary world of social media, seldom do you see Gill filling your timelines with posts, photos or trailers. As far as making public appearances are concerned, you would see very less of them from Gill. Fridays don’t excite him. Work does!

Mayhap this is the reason why he has been so consistent in the Punjabi industry for years. May be, he believes that no amount of promotion on social media or healthy public relations can act as an alternative to how you sing in a studio or how you act during a shoot on a set. And it is, perhaps, this driving force which has joined the dots in Gill’s career from ‘Dildarian’ to ‘Judaa 2’  and from ‘Kalajeet Singh’ to ‘Kikkar Singh’.

Till now, Gill has released nine music albums, sung numerous single tracks, sung close to 40 songs in Punjabi movies and acted in 15 movies. Having won the Best Actor award during the PTC Punjabi Film Awards for two consecutive years (for Angrej in 2016 and for Love Punjab in 2017) now, he is considered to be one of the most successful actors of all time in the Punjabi cinema.

If things remain well, his next music album should be released by the end of this year. We, at Punjabi Mania, would like to wish Amrinder Gill a lot of luck for all his future projects and hope that whether he is singing or acting,  he keeps on raising the bar with every performance of his.

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