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Punjabi Mania: Best Film Songs of 2017

The year 2017 is in its twilight. It is that time of the year when people concoct plans regarding the New Year’s eve. It is that time of the year when people build new resolutions. It is also that time of the year when all métiers are scrutinised.

We, at Punjabi Mania, have covered news vis-à-vis Punjabi movies for the whole of 2017. With just a handful of days remaining in the year, we believe that this is the best time to review the performances across various spheres of activity.

Let us pick up the threads of our segment with the ‘Best Film Songs of 2017’ of the year.

1. Chal Jindua (Jindua) – This full of life and energy song was the title track of the movie ‘Jindua’. Sung by the pop sensation Ranjit Bawa, the energetic Jasmine Sandlas and Akasa Singh, Chal Jindua was brought to another level by the actress on which it was picturised, i.e., the uber-talented Neeru Bajwa. Jaidev Kumar composed the music and the lyrics were penned down by the legendary Babu Singh Mann.

2. Dholna (Jindua) – The fact that another song of the movie Jindua has featured in this list throws light on the superb work done by Jaidev Kumar. This romantic ballad was sung by Prabh Gill, Shipra Goyal & Sahil Solanki. Dr. Devendra Kafir had written the lyrics of the song which had given immense strength to the on-screen love story of Jimmy Sheirgill and Sargun Mehta. Also the song was beautifully shot in the state of Alberta, Canada.

3. Rehmat (Rabb Da Radio) – Beautifully sung and even more beautifully written by Tarsem Singh Jassar, Rehmat was just another testament to the quality of music in ‘Rabb Da Radio’. It was composed by R Guru and appeared in the film with the opening credits.

4. Rabb Da Radio (Rabb Da Radio) – From the lyrics of the song written by Jass Grewal to the music given by Nick Dhammu, from the deeply felt voice of Sharry Mann to the time in the movie when the song is played, each and every factor was liable for the overall success of the title track of the movie.

5. Akhar (Lahoriye) – It would not be wrong to say that a list of Punjabi songs would be half-finished if it does not embraces a romantic song by Amrinder Gill. Written by Surinder Sadhpuri and composed by Jatinder Shah, Akhar had it in it from day one to enter into the playlists of Punjabi as well as many non-punjabi music listeners.

6. Paani Ravi Da (Lahoriye) – Paani Ravi Da will definitely go down as one of the most beautifully picturised song film song of the year 2017 and also the most beautiful song of the year. Penned down by Harmanjeet, the song was sung in the fervent voices of Neha Bhasin and Amrinder Gill. Add to it, Jatinder Shah’s background score and you would get a prototypical film song.

7. Hawa De Warke (Channa Mereya) – A romantic film, that too the debut of Ninja, who has had a fair share of Romantic songs in his career. One would expect a profound romantic song, which you get in ‘Hawa De Warke’. In fact, the whole album of ‘Channa Mereya’ was something which was excellent with Hawa De Warke leading from the front.

8. Siva (Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robinhood) – A polished name in the field of writing songs, Veet Baljit, did a meritorious job in writing lines such as, ‘Si ikk din teri sekki Lohri, te ajj Sive tere nu sek leya’. Adhering to the situation of the movie, there are very slim chances of someone writing a better song than this. Composed by Qaistrax, the song was sung amazeballs by the veteran Nachhatar Gill.

9. Maaye Ni Meriye (Bailaras) – In which was an already super-hit traditional Himachali folk, the singer in Rakesh Maini did full justice to the song. It is another of those songs in this list which is composed by Jatinder Shah.

10. Sardar Mohammad (Sardar Mohammad) – To wind up this list is the title track of ‘Sardar Mohammad’. Written and sung by Tarsem Singh Jassar, the song has a much more deep and profound message to it than just being any other regular song. Musically directed by R Guru, the song added elephantine value to the movie.


You can write to us in the comments section regarding our choices of the ‘Best Film Songs of 2017’ of the year and also send us your list.

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