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Garry Sandhu raises voice against trolling

Social media has provided the power to the public wherein they can write anything they want or feel about some person, and that too without revealing one’s identity and by using anonymous ids. This has created the issue of massive trolling, especially of celebrities and publically known personalities. Even though it backs the right of expression, it sometimes can harm people and reach up to a filthy level, as sometimes people indulge in making tremendously louche and sordid comments behind their computer screens, without getting identified and caught.

The Punjabi industry has been witnessing trolling since always. The public trolls the artists on their Instagram, twitter and facebook accounts. Many Punjabi artists have been major targets of trolling. Many artists have also spoken about this issue and some singers like Sidhu Moose wala have raised their voices against trolling using their songs as well.

Recently one more star raised his voice against this social media trolling and he is none other than the popular Punjabi singer Garry Sandhu. Garry Sandhu has always been vocal about his opinions and is very much active on social media. The singer posted a troll on another artist, Parmish Verma, on his snapchat account and requested the people to not do this kind of trolling of the artists. He mentioned that it feels really bad to hear and see such things and requested the people to respect the artists.

Parmish Verma has always been a soft target for trollers and is tremendously trolled on social media. But it’s a good news that the Punjabi celebrities are speaking for each other and standing in each other’s support. Also it is a very positive step to clean the dross and filth of trolling.

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