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High End Yaariyan Preview

High End Yaariyan Review: Blend of friendship and romance

High End Yaariyan Review: Punjabi Mania presents before you the full movie review of recently release Punjabi movie ‘High End Yaariyan’.

Cast: Jassi Gill, Ranjit Bawa, Ninja, Navneet Kaur Dhillon, Aarushi Sharma, Muskan Sethi, Hobby Dhaliwal, Vandana Chopra and Neet Kaur.

Director: Pankaj Batra.

Producer: Sandeep Bansal, Pankaj Batra, Dinesh Auluck and Balwinder Kohli.

Music: B Praak, Muzical Doctorz, Jaidev Kumar and Goldboy, Ullumanati and Bups Saggu.

Genre: Comedy, Drama.

Running Time: 122 minutes (U/A certified).


High End Yaariyan is a healthy blend of friendship and romance. While it was anticipated to be high on the lines of friendship, the added romantic aspect comes as an add-on in the movie. Given the nature of add-ons, the audiences are likely to enjoy what they are being offered during the 122-minute run-time of the movie.

Directed by Pankaj Batra, the movie is primarily a story of three really close friends in Karan Veer (Jassi Gill), Sachin (Ninja) and Manga Singh Randhawa (Ranjit Bawa). The trio share the same house during their stay in England which strengthens the camaraderie between them. The three of them meeting Celina (Aarushi Sharma), Mandy (Muskan Sethi) and Seerat (Navneet Kaur Dhillon) make them face severe ramifications which take a toll on every relationship in the movie.

The movie starts with Sachin’s forceful attempt of meeting Celina followed by reciting the whole story of how he met his friends and reached this point in the narrative. It is the above mentioned ramifications which eventually see them going at odds with each other towards the climax.

Direction & writing

Talking of capturing visuals in the movie, DOP Vineet Malhotra and director Batra seem to have made full use of the available resources of London. Some stunning scenes make you forget that you are watching a Punjabi movie. Not because other movies aren’t well shot, but because High End Yaariyan takes you away from the repetitive villages of Punjab.

While Batra’s work deserves praise for engaging the audiences throughout the movie, one comes out of the cinema feeling that more could have been done with the friendship part of High End Yaariyan. For a movie based and marketed on friendship, one believes Batra missed a trick by not laying enough emphasis on the same.

The movie watches each one of the male protagonists finding himself in the prevailing situation because of an uncalled for incident in the past. Gurjeet Singh’s script portrays them reaching England not because of their will but because of certain circumstances. While these barrage of emotions add another layer to the movie, Gurjeet could have done better to make the love stories look more convincing.


In a recent interview with Punjabi Mania, Ninja had asserted that Bawa’s character in the movie will be the most liked. Having watched the movie, one realizes the reason behind Ninja saying the same. Despite lacking behind in some emotional scenes, Bawa emerges out as the best of the lot. His comic timing unequivocally stands out in the movie.

Gill, who plays the role of a rich brat, does his job to perfection. While Ninja has shown signs of improvement in his second attempt on the celluloid, one feels that there is still scope for further improvement. In Navneet, Aarushi and Muskan, all the three actresses had a very limited role to play in the movie. Keeping aside them receiving restricted space on the screen, all three of them were persuasive.

Despite arriving for the first time on-screen in the second half, Dhillon ends up gaining the most importance during the business end of the movie. Talking of Sharma, her not requiring a dubbing artist speaks of improvement in her craft. Sethi, who made her debut in the Punjabi film industry with the movie, had put on display prospects of getting more projects on the basis of High End Yaariyan.


High End Yaariyan’s music will keep you engrossed in the movie. There is not one song which will let the viewers down. The two songs which are highly likely to become the highlight are ‘Churai Janda Eh’ (sung by Jassie Gill, written by Nirmaan and musically composed by Goldboy) and ‘Rabba Ve’ (written by Jaani and sung and musically composed by B Praak).


Apart from the music, comedy and fellowship, watch High End Yaariyan to see whether the lead names are able to recover from the ramifications which enter their lives and affect their relations. It is praiseworthy of the director and writer to add such twists for even the best of relations go through ups and downs in real life as well.

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