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Gippy Grewal hails production team

Manje Bistre 2: Gippy Grewal hails production team for execution in Canada

Gippy Grewal hails production team: Cynosure Gippy Grewal recently opened up on how executing Manje Bistre 2′ in Canada was a daunting task.

Not everyday do you see someone fulfilling as many responsibilities as Gippy Grewal has fulfilled in his imminent movie titled Manje Bistre 2‘. Staring from writing the script to producing the movie, Grewal will also be seen playing the lead role and (of course) singing a few songs in the movie.

While all of this called for abundant responsibilities which led Grewal to become the cynosure, the nature of the script demanded more from not just him but the whole production team. The fact that a myriad of actors had traveled to Canada for the shoot in itself became a primary but cumbersome task.

Grewal describes the movie as an admixture of culture and comedy. While the latter is ingrained in Punjabi industry’s DNA, the former caused numerous difficulties and rightly so as showcasing Punjab’s culture in Canada is no mean task. In a recent interview with Punjabi Mania, Grewal unveiled how Manje Bistre 2’s shoot wasn’t as simple as it looked.

Being asked about how much time did it eventually take to make the movie, Grewal said, “It took a lot of time [12-15 months] to develop the script after the first thought. I went to Canada several times to keep a note of what all we can do and not do practically.

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“Finding a tractor was a daunting task. They have taken it from Punjab. There were questions like is it allowed to drive a tractor everywhere? There were a lot of permissions involved. You will never notice a Ford tractor in Punjab. However, when the same tractor will move on the road of Canada, it becomes a source of amazement,” he was quoted as saying.

It is evident from the trailer of the movie that it will portray bountiful minute details as far as Punjab’s culture is concerned. Notwithstanding that Punjabi culture is nothing new to Canada, Grewal opened up on how the production team took many things from India itself.

“We knew that we would be facing issues in finding things in Canada. Therefore, we took all those things along with us from India. From Chajj to Khundeseveral things were taken from India. Rana Jung Bahadur ji [who plays the role of a cook]had learnt to make jalebis in India itself,” Grewal said.

Before concluding, Grewal mentioned how shooting for Manje Bistre 2 in Canada was a memorable experience for the whole crew. “The overall feel of asking for Manje Bistre from Canadian people’s homes felt enjoyable while shooting for the movie. We would convulse with laughter on the sets. I’m sure people will like it on the big screen,” Grewal concluded on a positive note.

Watch the full interview below:

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