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Movie Review: Vadhayiyaan Ji Vadhayiyaan, Punjabi Movie

Movie review of Punjabi Film ‘Vadhayiyaan Ji Vadhayiyaan’ starring Binnu Dhillon, Kavita Kaushik, Jaswinder Bhalla, Karamjit Anmol, Gurpreet Ghuggi, B.N. Sharma, Upasana Singh.

Director: Smeep Kang.

Producer: Atul Bhalla, Amit Bhalla and Binnu Dhillon.

Music: Jatinder Shah.

Genre: Comedy, Romance.

Running Time: 122 minutes (U/A certified).

First things first, kudos to the whole team of Vadhayiyaan Ji Vadhayiyaan for a mere three and half months were required to release this movie on the silver screen. The movie was announced in the first week of April and has released in the second week of July. Whether this paucity of time has brought out the best from all the stars or has it affected the movie, we will find it in this piece.

One thing which comes by default in almost all Smeep Kang movies is true-blue laughter. It was evident from the trailer and the dialogue promos which followed that Vadhayiyaan Ji Vadhayiyaan will walk the same path of hysterical giggling. And it did. It had to for it was the primary motive of the movie. Having said that, there were some points which forced one to question the logic in the movie.

The movie starts with Pargat (Binnu Dhillon) and his parents, Balwant Singh (BN Sharma) and Rani (Rupinder Roopi), exchanging views about the former’s meagre scope of getting married. The start of the movie is funny-in-parts and it appears as if the script wants to ready its audiences for the storm of laughter.

Pargat, Sukhi (Gurpreet Ghuggi) and Honey (Karamjit Anmol) are three friends. There are two common things between them. Firstly, all three of them are into their 30s and are unmarried. Second being that they have minimal hope of getting married. The chemistry between the three of them is worth the praise. The comical punches are well-executed, something that you would expect from these names.

It is at a wedding that Pargat comes across Gagan (Kavita Kaushik) and falls for her. Sukhi and Honey go all out in helping their friend in impressing Gagan’s father, Mr. Bhullar (Jaswinder Bhalla), but end up doing the exact opposite of their intentions. The reason why we haven’t mentioned about how the love story between Pargat and Gagan evolved is that the director and the script writer didn’t mention it either in the movie.

Bhullar eventually agrees to meet Pargat and his family. It is at this point in time that due to some turn of events Pargat loses his eyesight. In its true sense, the movie starts from here for what the storm which was kept on stand-by earlier is unleashed with immediate effect. That being said, the whimsical sequences brings with it some absurd scenes which leave the audiences with some unanswered questions. In the second half of the movie, one particular sequence which will convulse you with laughter is the chemistry between Sukhi and Sohni (Upasana Singh). Though short-lived, it is a merriment-generating part which works well towards the fag end of the movie.

The climax is contrary to Smeep Kang movies for it doesn’t include any bout of confusion. Even without the confusion, the comic elements remains intact towards the end. Watch this movie to know how Bhullar reacts when he comes to know about the reality of Pargat and whether he allows her daughter to marry a blind person or not.

Playing the lead role, Binnu Dhillon has put on display a first-rate performance as far as acting is concerned. The part where he loses his eyesight could have easily gone wrong but he makes sure that it appears as natural as possible. Withing a span of a week, Kavita Kaushik has delivered another praiseworthy performance. Perhaps, the length of her role should have been elongated.

In Jaswinder Bhalla, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Karamjit Anmol and B.N. Sharma, one can hardly find a chink in the armour for each one of them does his respective part with such finesse. Rupinder Roopi’s jocular conversations with her husband and son played added a lot to the movie.

Smeep Kang undoubtedly delivers another coup, an amusing one at that. With someone of his stature, you can hardly point out anything contrasting to the actual movie. However, more emphasis on the love story of the lead pair and better continuity could have taken this movie to a level apart.

Watch Vadhayiyaan Ji Vadhayiyaan with your family to go through 122 minutes of outright hilarity. The movie unequivocally has it in it to bind your interest unharmed with laughter. Overall, we rate the movie 3.5 out of 5. And yes, the paucity of time has worked well for the movie which speaks of another achievement by the whole cast.

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