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Muklawa cast

Muklawa cast: Full list of actors of upcoming Punjabi movie

Muklawa cast: Punjabi Mania presents before you a brief introduction to each and every member of upcoming Punjabi movie titled ‘Muklawa’.

Simerjit Singh’s ‘Muklawa’ will revolve around the age-old ceremony of Muklawa. Apparently, husband-wife weren’t allowed to even meet each other until the Muklawa had been sent back in the day. As strange as it sounds in 2019, a Muklawa was considered the real validation for a husband to see her wife and vice-versa.

As peculiar as it appears, the subject has it in it to become a source of fascination for the audiences. Muklawa will hit the silver screens on May 24 this year. Let us have a look at nine actors who will be seen playing a titular role in the movie:

Ammy Virk

Muklawa will be singer-turned-actor Ammy Virk’s first movie of the year 2019. Been part of several stupendous projects in his four-year old acting career, Virk knowingly or unknowingly carries bountiful expectations on his head with Muklawa.

Muklawa cast

Sonam Bajwa

Coming on the back of an affluent Guddiyan Patole‘, actress Sonam Bajwa will be seen taking the long walk back from a contemporary character to a period one. With two more movies scheduled to release in 2019, this year has it in it to become a path-breaking one for her.

Muklawa cast

Gurpreet Ghuggi

Muklawa will be the legendary actor’s fourth Punjabi movie this year. Despite performing wide-ranging roles in the recent times, Ghuggi is expected to make the viewers convulse with laughter in the movie.

Muklawa cast

Karamjit Anmol

Much like Ghuggi, singer-turned-actor Karamjit Anmol will also be seen in a jocular role in the movie. Having done as many as 12 Punjabi movies last year, Muklawa will be Anmol’s third movie in 2019. While the number might appear low, one expects Anmol to improve the conversion rate as the year progresses.

Muklawa cast

BN Sharma

Alongside Ghuggi and Anmol, veteran actor BN Sharma will complete the amazing triad of amusing actors in Muklawa. The movie will be Sharma’s fourth film of 2019.

Muklawa cast

Nirmal Rishi

Out of the 15 movies released this year, Nirmal Rishi being part of seven of them speaks highly about what she brings to the table with here mere presence in the Punjabi film industry. Out of all her roles since January, her playing the grandmother in ‘Guddiyan Patole’ was widely appreciated in both Punjab and overseas.

Muklawa cast

Gurpreet Bhangu

Another tried and tested name in the Punjabi industry, Muklawa will be Gurpreet Bhangu’s fifth movie in 2019. Bhangu might also be contributing to the humour in the movie.

Muklawa cast

Drishtii Garewal

Having last appeared in Ashish Bhatia’s Jindari’ (2018), Muklawa will be actress Drishtii Garewal’s fourth Punjabi movie since making her debut in Navaniat Singh’s Romeo Ranjha’ (2014). Having appeared in a limited number of movies so far, Garewal would be hoping to make a mark with her role in the movie. The same reason will also be a reason to watch her on the celluloid on May 24.

Muklawa cast

Sarbjit Cheema

Having last appeared in Devi Sharma’s ‘Dulla Velly’, singer-turned-actor Sarbjit Cheema will be looking to gain applause as he did last year with Amberdeep Singh’s Ashke‘. Not been part of the trailer, his fans will be curious to have know-how about his role in the movie.

Muklawa cast

Watch the trailer review of Muklawa below:

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