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Rabb Da Radio 2 Movie Review

Rabb Da Radio 2 Movie Review: Powerful emotional ride delivered right

Rabb Da Radio 2 Movie Review: Punjabi Mania presents before you the full movie review of recently released Punjabi movie named ‘Rabb Da Radio 2’.

Cast: Tarsem Jassar, Simi Chahal, Tania, BN Sharma, Avtar Gill, Nirmal Rishi, Jagjeet Sandhu, Harby Sanga, Gurpreet Bhangu, Shavinder Mahal, Sunita Dhir, and Baljinder Kaur.

Director: Sharan Art.

Producer: Manpreet Johal and Ashu Munish Sahni.

Music: Desi Crew and R Guru.

Genre: Drama, Family.

Running Time: 129 minutes (U certified).


The 2017-movie Rabb Da Radiowas a blend of family drama and a love story. Its sequel ‘Rabb Da Radio 2’ is more of a family drama with almost negligible nuances of romance. Gladly, writer Jass Grewal’s attempt of continuing the story from where it ended in the first part and giving it a fresh and undiscovered angle altogether has worked for both him and the movie.

Rabb Da Radio 2 is elementally a story of four brothers (Avtar Gill, Lakha Lehri, Jasbir Gill and Parkash Gadhu) of village Haripur. Living together in the same house since time immemorial, contemporary circumstances force the family to call for a split.

How things proceed in the parting of ways of this family have enough reasons for you to watch the movie in the cinema halls.

While some of you might be surprised to not read the name of the protagonists of the movie in Tarsem Jassar (Manjinder) and Simi Chahal (Guddi) in the introduction of the review, it has it in it to become a spoiler and hence mentioning it here will spoil the overall flavour of the movie.

Direction and writing

While the first part saw Tarnvir Singh Jagpal and Harry Bhatti making their directorial debut, the second part introduces director Sharan Art to the Punjabi film industry. Despite the two parts of a franchise being directed by three debutant directors, it is praiseworthy that it doesn’t affect the narrative.

Rabb Da Radio 2 has several moments where there are no dialogues but just enchanting visuals. With the viewer remaining glued to the screen in these moments, it speaks highly of Sharan and DOP Jaype Singh. In only his first attempt as a filmmaker, Sharan seems to be a yearning storyteller and someone who is aware of what he is portraying on-screen.

While Punjabi filmmakers are often accused of not working enough on a crucial element of the movie called “interval”, Sharan ticked that box in arguably the best possible manner. Again, it was just a sight without much dialogues which bring into being wet eyes as the lights turned on.

Among a major reason to watch the movie is Jass Grewal’s script. The writer has to be lauded for the way he has connected the two stories. Why he needs to be praised more is because not many sequels in the Punjabi film industry see the story being taken forward.

Having said that, Rabb Da Radio 2 is a case of one’s strength becoming a weakness. Grewal was found wanting in his endeavour to take the story from the interval to the climax. There were a couple of extended sequences where you felt that they were there just to add run-time to the movie.


Lyricist-turned-singer-turned-actor Tarsem Jassar has registered his second consecutive meritorious performance within a span of as many months. The actor in him surely needs to be lauded for not letting down his fans. Simi Chahal, playing the lead role opposite Jassar, puts on display another first-rate performance.

In Jagjeet Sandhu, Shavinder Mahal, Sunita Dhir, Harby Sangha and Nirmal Rishi, Rabb Da Radio 2 comprises of special appearances from actors who were present in the first part. It is worth mentioning that each one of them were allotted apposite roles, which they performed in a manner which you expect actors of their potential to.

Among the new faces which ended up becoming the highlight of the film were Avtar Gill, Tania, BN Sharma, Parkash Gadhu, Ravinder Mand and Raghveer Boli. Watching veteran actor Avtar Gill (Sardar Pritam Singh) in a Punjabi movie after a certain interval was refreshing and should call for him being part of more movies. Tania (Raaji) appears to be building from strength to strength in every movie that she is part of. Seeing her act on screen, doesn’t give you the impression that she made her debut just 6 months back in Last Year’s Blockbuster Qismat.

BN Sharma (Mistri), who is mostly known for his jocular roles, dons the hat of an emotional character with utmost precision. His confrontations with Jassar on two occasions are among the best scenes of the movie. While Gadhu and Mand also entice eyeballs, one feels that Boli’s character could have been written in a much better and influential manner.


Rabb Da Radio 2 comprises of six songs. As mentioned above, the quantity being on the higher side affects the movie despite them being of a decent quality. Written and sung by Jassar himself and musically directed by Desi Crew, ‘Shokeen‘ is the pick of the songs from all the songs of the second part.

That being said, the best one is still the title track (sung by Sharry Mann, written by Jass Grewal and musically directed by Nick Dhammu). For a song which leads the narrative in two movies successfully, there is not much to say about it in the affirmative. Jattan De Munde appears as A Promotional Track with the end credits of the film.

Final verdict

If you can tolerate a bit of dragged writing in the second half, Rabb Da Radio 2 will surely be worth watching for you. The movie deserves to be watched by families together for it has several takeaways in it. Given the many emotional highs in the movie, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Rabb Da Radio 2 will end up being well-accepted by the audiences in both Punjab and overseas.

Ratings – 3.5/5

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